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Meeting your vision

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Apples to Apples

Helping you get your vision onto paper is a skill.
We work with architects, designers, and individuals. Sometimes we are presented with a full set of working plans, but mostly we create from an idea, a sketch or a version of a combination of elements from photos, and often from a raw site or floor plans. We present sketches of the ideas under consideration, specific decisions are made as to size, level of detail, wood & finish, then final decisions are made and drawings are produced.

From the drawing, we create a full set of shop plans. The plans can be bid by us, or taken to any shop for an "apples to apples" true comparison of price. The plans show various elevations, exact building procedure, and guarantee the project will be made as you see it. Using a detailed set of plans keeps the fabricator on track, and ensures that the project will be built with traditional craftsmanship methods.

For more information on this service, and pricing guidelines, contact us.

Meeting your vision

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Meeting Your Vision
585 Cobb parkway South    Suite E-2   Marietta Ga   30060